Welcome to Leebies Software

Leebies Breakout v4.0

Welcome to Leebies Breakout v4.0. Since the successful release of Version 3.0, I have received a lot of emails from you guys telling me what things you would like to see.

What’s New?
– Graphics re-designed with a 3D look to them.
– Mouse controls the paddle.
– For the tortoises, a slower ball speed when you press 1!
– For the speed demons, even faster speeds when you press 8, 9 or 0.
– More power-ups.
– All levels have been redesigned. (Level 1 starts off simpler than the original making it possible to create even more levels which just keep on getting harder!)
– There are now 15 levels!
– AND, a brand new theme tune! (c) Leebies Software :)

How To Play
The Aim of the game is to destroy all the coloured blocks. To do this just bounce
the ball using the orange paddle at the bottom of the screen. Make sure the ball
does not go past the paddle because you loose a life! No lives means GAME OVER!!
Tasty Tip: In the unlikely event the ball gets stuck, press to jump to a
random position…

– Paddle = Move mouse left and right
– P = Pause
– Space = Jump To A Random Position
– F5 = Save Game
– F6 = Load Game
– 1 – 5 = Ball Slow Speed > 6 – 0 = Ball Fast Speed

Based on the game Breakout.
“Leebies Breakout” was coded by ‘Leebies Software’ 2002 – 2003.
Please email me with your suggestions for future editions of this game on admin@leebies.com.

Legal Stuff
Do not re-sell this game in any shape or form. Do not break down the program to use parts in your own works. ‘Leebies Software’ is not responsible for any damage of anything at all from the use of this software. This is FREEWARE and must not be resold or redistributed on a cd without consent of ‘Leebies Software’.